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Sheldon Owens

Sheldon Owens

Architectural Historian, Preservation Specialist, Charleston

Phone: 843-881-3128, x22

Mr. Sheldon Owens (M.H.P., University of Georgia) is an Architectural Historian/Preservation Specialist employed with Brockington since 2010. He joined the company as a laboratory manager and archives specialist for the Veterans Curation Program (VCP). Mr. Owens has over nine years of experience in archival research, writing historic contexts and tract histories, architectural surveys and intensive documentation, Historic Property Management Plans, materials conservation, and archival curation. He now serves as a Preservation Specialist and Project Manager in Brockington's South Carolina office. During his time at Brockington, Mr. Owens has managed and participated in a wide variety of projects, including county-wide and regionally-focused architectural surveys, NRHP evaluation and management plan development for significant Historic Properties, and producing tract histories for corporate clients involving large land holdings. These include an architectural survey along the William Bartram Scenic Highway in northwest St. Johns County, Florida; NRHP evaluation and mitigation plan for the Amtrak station, North Charleston, South Carolina; and a tract history of Battlefield Plantation that is associated with the Stono Rebellion, the largest slave insurrection in colonial South Carolina. Mr. Owens also serves as our archival specialist, and co-authored the Collection Management Plan for the National Park Service at the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park in 2014.

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