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Brockington Celebrates Safety Record

Sep 21, 2012

Brockington's Atlanta office employees enjoyed a cookout today to celebrate the company's great safety record. The safety celebration lunch takes place quarterly, but the company is now up to 449 accident-free days!

Phyllis Rigney to present at the 2013 Society for American Archaeology conference

Sep 21, 2012

The presentation will be called "The Practicality of Microartifact Analyses in a CRM context: A Case Study from Meade County, Kentucky."

Brockington Supports the Georgia Archives

Sep 20, 2012

Brockington and Associates has a long-standing commitment to advocacy when it comes to preserving the past for the sake of the future. On Wednesday, September 19, historians Jennifer Corcoran and Cameron Sexton visited Georgia Governor Nathan Deal's office to show support for keeping the Georgia Archives open to the public. New budget cuts threaten to make it even more difficult for people to access government records and historical documents. Previous cuts have resulted in the archives being open only two days per week, but the latest round will close the archives to the public on November 1. Researchers will have to make an appointment with one of the three remaining staff members to visit the archives. If these changes take place, Georgia will be the only state in the country that will not provide open public access to its state archives.

As of September 20, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Governor Deal's office was surprised by the large groundswell of support for the archives. Governor Deal has now committed to keeping the Georgia Archives open to the public. Read today's article here:

Brockington GIS Specialist Gitisha Goel Receives GISP Certification

Sep 11, 2012

Brockington and Associates is committed to professional development and ongoing education. Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist, Gitisha Goel, was recently awarded her GISP certification from the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).

A GISP is a certified GIS professional who has met the established standards for ethical conduct and professional practice as created by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI). To receive the certification, a GISP has to meet certain benchmarks for educational achievement, professional experience, and personal contribution to the GIS profession. The application process involves submitting a detailed portfolio containing official transcripts, employer letters, and other documentation to confirm that the applicant has fulfilled the requirements set forth by GISCI.

Congratulations to Gitisha Goel for this significant achievement!

Historian Ben Roberts Attends 150th Anniversary Celebration of First African Baptist Church

Sep 07, 2012

On August 19th, Brockington historian Ben Roberts attended the 150th anniversary celebration of the First African Baptist Church on Hilton Head Island. Ben is researching the church and its congregation as part of his study of three potential Traditional Cultural Properties (TCPs) on Hilton Head Island. TCPs are resources that are self-identified as culturally significant or important by the culture with which they are associated.

The First African Baptist Church was initially founded on August 17, 1862 in nearby Mitchelville by the Reverend Abraham Murchison, an escaped slave from Savannah. He and approximately 30 other former slaves were the first members, and the current Gullah congregants trace their lineage and culture to the original founders.

The celebration on August 19th included church services, a celebration lunch, the dedication of a new church cornerstone, and the unveiling of a new South Carolina Historic Marker. Additional information about the church and its anniversary celebration can be found here:

Brockington Helps Mount Pleasant SC Navigate a Sensitive Situation

Aug 31, 2012

Senior Archaeologist Ralph Bailey of Brockington's Charleston Office is helping Mount Pleasant, South Carolina navigate a sensitive situation after human bones were uncovered during excavation to replace a force main for a waste water treatment plant.

An article on Ralph Bailey's efforts appeared in The Post and Courier on August 28, 2012:

Brockington Archaeologists Host Field School in Belize

Jul 31, 2012

Brockington Archaeologists Jim and Christy Pritchard hosted a field school in Belize for high school students this summer. They conducted an archaeological investigation at a pyramid and participated in a drugs and alcohol awareness service project. See the news story about their travels here:

Historian Charles Philips Gives Presentation on Inland Rice

Jul 31, 2012

Brockington Historian Charles Philips gave a presentation entitled "It Thrives Best in Wild Land: Understanding Colonial-era Inland Rice Agriculture and its Origins" at The Ponds in Summerville on July 29th. The presentation covered the Colonial-era system by which early settlers grew rice in swamps and lowlands using ditches and dykes to divert water into fields. Inland rice production brought wealth to the low country of South Carolina, but also resulted in the importation of African slaves to work in the rice fields. Philips also shared his research on the production of inland rice in the area that would become The Ponds. The 1,950-acre planned community has a 1,100-acre nature conservancy where several good examples of this Colonial-era technology are preserved.

Brockington Archaeologists Oversee Excavations in Belize

Jun 18, 2012

Under contract with American Foreign Academic Research, Brockington Archaeologists Christy and Jim Pritchard will be overseeing excavations at the 2012 Belize Valley Archaeology Reconnaissance field school at the Maya site Cahal Pech.  This is the sixth summer in a row that the Pritchards have helped lead the high school aged program, the only of its kind in the Maya area.  This represents Brockington's first archaeology contract for work in Central America.

To learn more about the project:

Department of Defense Historic Buildings Conference

Jun 08, 2012

Cameron Sexton and Callie McLean attended the Department of Defense Historic Buildings Workshop last week in San Diego, California, which ran from June 4 to 8. The majority of the workshop attendees were cultural resources managers from military installations throughout the United States and its territories. Through presentations, workshop sessions, and discussions, they were able to get a sense of the challenges facing the Department of Defense cultural resources professionals and the areas where Brockington and Associates may be able to support their efforts.

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