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Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference

Feb 01, 2009

Tom Whitley, Inna Burns Moore, Gitisha Goel, and Damon Jackson are presenting a paper at the annual meetings of the Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference. The conference will be held March 22 to 26 in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The paper, titled, "Beyond the Swamp: Settlement Choice, Perception, and Spatial Decision-Making on the Georgia Coastal Plain," is a cell- based GIS analysis of Late Prehistoric and Early Contact Period Settlement in the coastal zone of Georgia using concepts of perception, social boundaries, and knowledge limitations in the context of adaptations to a seemingly homogenous cultural and ecological landscape.

Scott Butler Appointed to National Register Review Board

Jan 31, 2009

Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer Dr. Ray Luce announced that Scott Butler is one of three new appointees to the Georgia National Register Review Board. The Review Board is responsible for reviewing properties nominated to the National Register of Historic Places. The Review Board consists of 12 members, including historians, architects, archaeologists, planners, and historic preservation. Each serves a four year term. The panel also provides advice and direction to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division on preservation activities in Georgia.

Technical Writing Training

Jan 23, 2009

Brockington project managers from the Atlanta, Savannah, Pensacola, and Jacksonville offices participated in a technical writing training workshop, taught by Catherine Hibbard of the Cypress Media Group.

Society for Historical Archaeology Papers

Jan 12, 2009

Shannon Dunn presented a paper called "Synthesizing Sources: Representing Data in Household Archaeology," at the Society for Historical Archaeology conference in Toronto. Shannon presented this paper in the session called "Between Words and Things: Struggling with Sources in Historical Archaeology," that she co-organized with Heather Gibson of Virginia Central University.

There were many other Brockington presentations at the conference. Alex Sweeney presented his paper "The Archaeology of Indian Slavers and Colonial Allies: Excavations at the Yemasee Capital of Altamaha Town." Carol Poplin presented "As a Living Part of Our Community: Sharing the Past with the Public through CRM," and Eric Poplin presented "... Not even the remains of the dead were held sacred by this rapacious banditti!!!: The 1814 Raid of the US Privateer Midas on Royal Island, The Bahamas."

Andrew Agha and Nicole Isenbarger presented in a session entitled, "The Atlantic World within the Lowcountry? Archaeological Perspectives of Colonial South Carolina Landscapes." Andrew's paper, written with Charlie Philips, was called, "Landscapes of Cultivation: Inland Rice Fields as Landscapes and Archaeological Sites." Nicole's paper was called, "The Enterprise of the Enslaved: Looking at the Landscape of the Slaves' Internal Marketing System."

In addition, Lauren Andersen presented a paper she co-wrote with Kate Egner: "A Snapshot of History: Fairfield through Photographs."

Alabama Museums Association

Jan 06, 2009

Visit the History Workshop at our booth at the Alabama Museums Association annual meeting. The meeting will be held February 4 to 6 in Auburn, Alabama. We'll see you there!

Patricia Stallings Accepted into IGEL Class VII

Jan 05, 2009

Patricia Stallings, a senior historian in our Atlanta office, has been accepted into the 2009 class of the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership. IGEL is a unique environmental leadership program that seeks to open channels of communication over a wide range of environment public policy issues. Class members include leaders from Georgia business, environmental organizations, and local and state government.

Click here for more information about IGEL

GAMG Annual Conference

Jan 02, 2009

The History Workshop will return to the Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries annual conference. This year, the conference will be held in Marietta, Georgia, January 21 to 23. Please stop by our booth!

Carol Poplin Named to Mount Pleasant Historic Commission

Dec 30, 2008

Carol Poplin was appointed to a seat on the Mount Pleasant Historical Commission. The commission is working on a historical marker program for the town and a Web site about the town's history.

Click here to learn more about the Mount Pleasant Historical Commission

Sixth Savannah Symposium

Dec 21, 2008

The upcoming Sixth Savannah Symposium: World Heritage and National Registers in Perspective, hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design, will feature a presentation by Ed Salo about efforts to preserve and interpret the Combahee Ferry. The symposium will be held in Savannah February 19 to 21.

Calhoun Gold Mine

Dec 20, 2008

Brockington and Associates completed a re-evaluation of the National Register of Historic Places listed, Calhoun Gold Mine National Historic Landmark, in Lumpkin County, Georgia. The site of the discovery of gold in Georgia, the mine was opened in 1828 and operated well into the twentieth century. Redefining the location and extent of this significant site was undertaken as part of a US Army Corps of Engineers permit action. The landmark resource is to be protected and possibly restored as part of an interpretive exhibit in the future.

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