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Archaeology at McLeod Plantation

Sep 17, 2008

An article in the Post and Courier highlights Brockington's work at McLeod Plantation on James Island. Brockington archaeologists used ground penetrating radar to determine if any graves were present at the site. Any areas with the potential to contain graves will be preserved in place. These areas could contain information about the plantation’s slaves as well as later generations.

Read the article in the Post and Courier

Advanced Section 106 Training

Sep 10, 2008

23 Brockington project managers completed an Advanced Section 106 training course, taught by Don Klima, retiring Director of the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation.

AASLH Annual Meeting

Aug 20, 2008

The History Workshop will have a booth at the American Association for State and Local History annual meeting. The meeting will be held September 10 to 11 in Rochester, New York.

Georgia Environmental Conference

Aug 06, 2008

Brockington and Associates will have a booth at the annual Georgia Environmental Conference, held August 27 to 29 in Savannah, Georgia. We'll see you there!

New Technicians - Atlanta

Jul 31, 2008

We are pleased to welcome three new technicians to our Atlanta office, Lara Duncan, Bronwen Morgan, and Stacy Whitacre. Welcome Lara, Bronwen, and Stacy!

Welcome Shannon Dunn

Jun 30, 2008

Dr. Shannon Dunn has joined our Savannah office as a project manager. Dr. Dunn is a specialist in historic archaeology of the eastern United States.

Post and Courier Article

Jun 02, 2008

The Charleston Post and Courier published an article on the excavations at the 19th century slave settlement, Dean Hall, located in Berkeley County, South Carolina. This remarkably well-preserved community produced more than 50,000 documenting the daily life of slaves at Dean Hall Plantation. Some of the artifacts and stories of the site's history will
soon be displayed at nearby Cypress Gardens.

Click here to read the article in the Post and Courier

Alicia Brandt Joins the Team

May 31, 2008

Alicia Brandt joined the Atlanta office as an editor. Ms. Brandt has previous editing and proof reading experience in publishing and a bachelor's degree in Anthropology.

Summer Internship Begins

May 30, 2008

Brockington and Associates' flagship summer internship has begun. This season we have interns participating in our Applied Cultural Resources and Applied Historic Preservation internships. We are delighted to host Jacqueline Marenick, Sarah Sheehan, and Stephanie Tellis in Atlanta; Mary Antley and Thomas Meacher in Charleston; Kad Henderson and Tamara Luthy in Pensacola; and Kayce Humkey in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The interns will be with us for 10 weeks participating and receiving instruction in a variety of projects involving field work, artifact analysis, research, report preparation, and historic preservation. Applications for our fall internship program are currently being accepted. Click here to apply for our fall internship program.

Article in Early Georgia

May 12, 2008

Tom Whitley's article, "Residential and Communal Landscapes at the Ford Plantation Development, Richmond Hill, Georgia," was published in Early Georgia. This article presents an in-depth GIS analysis of landscapes and patterns of social decision-making on three Antebellum rice plantations in Bryan County, Georgia.

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