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Gainesville City-wide Surveys download pdf

Client: Community Development Department, Gainesville, Georgia

Gainesville City-wide Surveys

Beginning in 2006, the City of Gainesville, Georgia’s Community Development Department, contracted with Brockington and Associates, Inc., to conduct a multi-phase community-wide Historic Structural Survey of buildings and other structures in order to develop goals and priorities for historic resources within the city. For the undertaking, a Category I Historic Preservation Fund Grant for Certified Local Governments was used, provided by the National Parks Service and administered by the Georgia Historic Preservation Division, along with matching funds from the City of Gainesville. In an effort to garner public support for the project, the City and Brockington held a series of open house-type forums to encourage participation among the residents, business occupants, and property owners of the resources for each survey phase.

Brockington completed the five-phase survey in 2011, resulting in the documentation of more than 2,500 resources.

Within the survey area, project historians conducted a parcel-by-parcel investigation, recording and documenting each individual residential, institutional, commercial, or recreational resource that fell within survey criteria. In addition, Brockington provided development history summarizing the historical background and influences on the built environment of the region, Hall County, and Gainesville, and an architectural analysis that provides an overview of typical resources in the survey areas and suggests potential Historic Districts within the city. Finally, an analysis of recorded resources was also provided, along with recommendations to help guide future preservation activities in Gainesville.

Future Planning

The survey provides support for local historic designation and better prepare the city’s planning and development staff and the Gainesville Historic Preservation Commission in the management of historic resources. The survey is also designed to augment the ongoing, statewide Georgia Historic Resources Survey of buildings, sites, structures, and objects of historical, architectural, and cultural significance.